Sword Art Online Challenge

Day 15- KiritoxAsuna or KiritoxSinon, who is your waifu/husbando, one thing you like most about Kirito, and rank the arcs from best to worst and why?

I prefer Kirito and Asuna because they’re good together and each of them shows there strength and weakness.

Kirito and Asuna

My husbando is Eugeo.


One thing I like Kirito is he tries to protect those he loves even though he struggles it, that’s what I like about him.


The best arc is Alicization, Aincrad arc and Phantom bullet arc because there was much action to the stories and the themes were interesting compare to Fairy dance arc which is the worst because it shows the struggle of the characters.


Sword Art Online Challenge

Day 07- Best fight, least favourite feature of GGO, favourite floor, Which ALO would you be and why?

Best fight has to be where Kirito was fighting Gleam eyes on the 74th floor.

Least favourite feature of GGO has to be the server because you can’t seem to go vice versa with Americans and Japanese.

Favourite floor has to be the 22nd floor because there is forest and lake and it’s a great place to stay there.

Which ALO would I be? I would be the sylph fairy because I would be able to use healing magic and wind spells on opponents.

Sylph wings

Sword Art Online Challenge

Day 11- Season 1 or season 2, least favourite male character, favourite skill, how would you protect your friends from SAO?

Prefer season 1 where there was Aincrad compare to Alfheim arc because the story of the Aincrad was much more interesting compare to the Alfheim one.

Least favourite male character as mention in Sword Art Online Challenge it’s still Sugou Noboyuki.

Sugou Noboyuki

Favourite skill has to be unique skills because unique skills fulfil physical requirements that require the skill made by the player.

I would protect my friends by being the one who defends them from monsters and leading them on despite being a solo player.

Sword Art Online Challenge

Day 12- Saddest death in Sword Art Online, least favourite female character, least favourite male character and why, would you rather stay in the safe zone or the front lines and why?

Saddest death in SAO has to be Asuna when she died in front of Kirito while she was protecting him from a sword attack.

Least favourite female character still mention is Lisebth as it is mention in Sword Art Online Challenge.

Lisbeth/ Rika

Least favourite male is still Sugou Noboyuki as for the reason why you can see it from Sword Art Online Challenge.

Sugou Noboyuki

I rather be in the front lines instead of the safe zone so I can spend more time grinding and enjoy the game while not worrying about death to occupy myself rather than in the safe zone.

Sword Art Online Challenge

Day 08- Least favourite male character, favourite male character, favourite episode, what is your favourite combat style and why?

My least favourite male character has to be Sugou Nobouyuki because he was a crazy guy with his plan of changing someones memories and I dislike the way he treated Asuna during the fairy dance arc like a toy being used for his own gain.

Sugou Nobouyuki

My favourite male character will always be Eugeo, I don’t need to explain it because it’s already told in Sword Art Online Challenge.


My favourite episode, that’ tricky…….

The favourite episode has to be where Kirito fights Kayaba at the end alone while everybody else is paralysed. And he finally beats the death game.

My favourite combat style has to be swords because you can fight the enemy or monster using the weapon and get a unique skill out of it.

Anime Challenge

Day 22– Favourite weapon, gear or armour used in the anime

These are my favourite weapon, gear, or armour. Most of them you see here can see here can transform such as the ojamajo doremi, scuderia, intelligent device to turn into a magical girl. Whereas the sealing wand can be transform by incantation as its’ a necklace key. The rest are swords, or rapiers weapons to use to fight against either monsters or unknown beings.